The Green Front Advantage

We call ourselves The People’s Cannabis, and we take that name seriously. It means we’re here for you, our customers, and our goal is to provide the best product at the best price with the highest level of convenience.

  • We only carry the best.The dankest flower, the strongest concentrates, the yummiest edibles, etc. And we price it so you can afford it.
  • Our budtenders rock. They’re friendly, patient, well trained, and they know their shit. We love them all, and you will, too.
  • We’re open every minute we’re allowed to be. Right now that’s 7am to 10pm, every damn day. We know everyone’s lives and schedules are different, and that you might need weed at any time, on any day, even holidays. Especially on holidays.
  • We value your time. That means we always try to have ample staff on hand – though sometimes you all seem to show up at once at the most random times – stop doing that 🙂 And it means you can now pre-order your cannabis and pick it up here with no line!

Our Past

Green Front’s roots run back to the medical-marijuana only days. Through all that time, we’ve put the customer first, trying to make our product the best, our service outstanding and our prices affordable.

Our Present

We’re now a recreational marijuana dispensary, so we can serve everyone (well, not you, kid – everyone 21 and over with a valid ID). We’re continually updating and improving our dispensary, and just moved to a new space that’s bigger, accessible and more open. We only hire the best budtenders, and we train them extensively to be knowledgeable, patient, friendly and all-around awesome. And we only provide the best flower, edibles, concentrates and accessaries available. Plus, now we do online pre-orders!

Our Future

The only limit is… well, what the government will let us do. We want weed drones, super-secure cannabis vending machines, and every other convenience we could possibly offer to make your cannabis buying experience as pleasant and easy as possible.