How it Works

Go straight to Step 1 – you can go through the pre-order process without signing up, and if you want to create an account (it will speed up your order process next time and allow you to keep track of what you’ve ordered) you can do so at checkout.

To get your advantages as a medical customer (products unavailable to recreational customers and no tax!) you’ll need to create an account with us before checkout as a Medical Customer, and enter your valid OMMP number. And don’t try to trick us – we’ll check your OMMP card every time when you pick up your order.

Place Your Order

Choose what you want, place it in your cart, and check out – you know the e-commerce drill by now. You can pick up your pre-order at the dispensary (6834 NE Glisan St, Portland, Oregon). We close at 10pm, so make sure you can arrive by then to pick up your orders. You have to be 21+ with valid ID.  We’ll send you an email and a text (if you want us to) letting you know we got your order.

There is a 20% sales tax on recreational sales for all cannabis items – items online show the price before the tax, but you’ll see it when you check out. We’ll start putting your pre-orders together right away, but if you want it at a specific later time, please let us know in the notes section at checkout.

Get Ready

Make sure you have both the cash to pay us (though we do offer an ATM) and an ID to prove who you are (and your OMMP card if you’re a medical customer). When you’re order is ready to pick up, we’ll let you know when it’s ready for pickup by email and text if you chose to get them.

Receive Your Weed

When we let you know your order is ready, just come get it at the dispensary (6834 NE Glisan St, Portland, Oregon. Let us know who you are we’ll get your order for you with no wait!


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